Tim Blu Stack Berjaya di Kompetisi "Mathematic Computation Competition"

Following the event the national competition is one effective way of strengthening the image of the campus. The move was also done by the University of Budi Luhur. This year, the University of Budi Luhur sent two students of Informatics, Zakaria Andy Saputro and Dawn Andi Yulianto, to follow the event "PARTIAL 2016". IMG_20160326_3351 PARTIAL 2016 is an annual event organized by the Student Association of Mathematics (HIMATIKA) Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, finally has led the University of Budi Luhur as a champion. Both Budi Luhur University students who are members of the Blu team was able to snatch title Stack 2 in the competition Mathematic Computation Competition (MCC), the exclusion of the other team. Competition MCC regional level is one event to enhance the creativity of the students in doing research and writing scientific papers on the implementation of the algorithm. In that event, Team Blu Stack presents a scientific paper entitled "Document Similarity Detection System Level Student Assignment Method with Vector Space Model in the Information Technology Faculty (FTI) Universitas Budi Luhur". Achmad explained Solichin, Kom, MTI as a team supervisor Blu Stack, "The title raised is a very interesting topic and is very useful, especially for education. Given that, currently rampant plagiarism action. This system can detect and is expected to reduce the act of plagiarism. Scientific work has great potential to be developed and applied. " In the final round, participants are required to present the results of his scientific work in front of a jury and other participants. At this session the team Blu Stack describes methods of Vector Space Model used in the detection system, document similarity level student assignment. Indeed, through the development of such systems is expected to reduce the level of plagiarism that occurs among students. Goenawan Brotosaputro, Kom, M.Sc, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology University of Budi Luhur, welcomed and highly appreciated the achievements of these students. "Achievement by Zakaria and Dawn could become an example for other students. That it was time students FTI Budi Luhur dare to show his achievements in various competitions, both regionally, nationally, and internationally. As a token of appreciation from the campus, FTI Budi Luhur will propose the provision of scholarships for the achievements of these, "he concluded.

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