Upaya Confidence Membesarkan Pasar Popok Orang Dewasa

Indonesia included in the top five countries with the number of elderly (seniors) in the world. Based on the population census in 2010, the number of elderly (over 60 years) in Indonesia reached 18.1 million people or 7.6% of the total population. In 2014, the elderly population in the country into 18.781 million. It is estimated that by 2025, the number will mancapai 36 million.


Although not as high as the productive age or generation of Millennials, the elderly segment is certainly a market opportunity that can not be ignored. Just look at how the aggressiveness of a number of brands of products diapers for adults in capturing the elderly segment in Indonesia. PT Softex Indonesia, through the Confidence brand for example, continued product innovation in order to answer the needs of the elderly segment in Indonesia.

Explained Chief Marketing Officer PT Softex Indonesia Rudlof Tjandra, "The growth of adult diapers market in the year to reach 15%. Unfortunately, its market size is still small recorded, which is only Rp 1 trillion per year. "

Therefore, as the market leader with a market share of 41%, Softex feel the need to raise market confidence. One of the ways to bring innovation through relaunch Confidence Adult Diapers Premium. Described Rudolf, Confidence Adult Diapers Adult diapers are products of the highest quality that is present to overcome the problem of incontinence. Incontinence is one of the urinary system disorder commonly suffered by older people, namely the difficulty in holding urination caused by weakening of the muscles of the bladder.

"Therefore, in order to answer the elderly who often experience incontinence, we present the confidence that has been clinically tested by the Australian Dermatologist. Accordingly, adult diapers Confidence is safe for sensitive skin, so it is safe to use by any skin type, "he said.

Confidence Adult Diapers have two types of variants which have advantages in accordance with the needs of people with incontinence, the variant of Confidence Adult Diaper (type adhesive) and Confidence Adult Pants (pants type). Confidence Adult Diaper types of glue, said Rudolf, now present in Indonesia with the three latest innovation that provides more comfort untruk wearer.

The third innovation is Soft Breathable Cotton Care, as soft fabric material that circulates the air; Aloe Vera Extract, which contains aloe vera which makes soft so avoid irritation; and Absorbent Core Durable, absorbent fast extras that make surface remains dry.

In the series of the relaunch, Confidence held a campaign in a TV Commercial, print media, to radio. Confidence also held education through seminar format in a number of hospitals, hospitals in Indonesia. Including, Public Relations activities through media gathering and activation in social media.

"Compared to the first quarter of 2015, the first quarter of 2016, Confidence able to grow 35%. With the new product, we expect these Confidence in 2016 could grow by 35%. We are also optimistic to reach the target at the end of the year, "concluded Rudolf.


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