Half Day Seminar: Business Compass for Executive Corporate

Commissioner & Strategic Coach at Vanaya Institute.

He is alto a Partner & Principal Consultant at a Consulting Company, a Technical Adviser at a Logistic Company & has Moore Ethan 25 year experience as senior executives in various local Group & multinational companies.

Lyra Puspa, Ir., MM, ACC, CFP, QWP, Wch, CH, CHt

Founder & CEO Vanaya Institute

She has been coaching more Ethan 200 business leaders, Business owner & personal investor do boost their performance & reach their dreams.


Normal Rate Rp.1.500.000.-/orang
Group Rate Rp. 1.200.000.- per person
(minimal 3 orang dari perusahaan yang sama}
Special rate Rp. 1.200.000.-*
*sampai dengan 1 oktober 2014


Susanah 0856 9797 4515 (susanah@swamail.com)
Maria 0858 8104 6288 (maria.natalia@swamail.com)
Okta 0857 82236805 / 021 938 94952 (okta.hidayanti@swamail.com)


Dina 0812 9859 8742 / 0877 8058 9253 (firdina.mayta@swamail.com)

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